Quick Quiz

1. What is a prestidigitator?

2. Name the ship that the Pilgrim Fathers travelled on?

3. What name is given to an alcoholic drink taken before meals?

4. What development in women’s rights was ratified by the Australian Arbitration Commission is 1969?

5. What does SALT stand for?

6. Which rich metal was first discovered in Australia by Edmund Hargraves in 1851?

7. C.S.S.R. was the abbreviation of which country?

8. Where in the ancient world was a statue called the Colossus located?

9. What is the game of “Pick Up Sticks” also known as?

10. Which is the world’s longest running play?

Quick Quiz Answers: 1. A magician; 2. The Mayflower; 3. Aperitif; 4. Equal pay for women; 5. Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty; 6. Gold; 7. Czechoslovakia; 8. On the island of Rhodes; 9. Jack-straws; 10. The Mousetrap

If nothing ever sticks to TEFLON, how do they make TEFLON stick to the pan?”