Our Loss

G=Our Losslenn Lewis Frey, founding member of the Eagles has died aged 67 from medical com-plications 18 January 2016.

Glenn Frey - The Local Mid WestA multi instrumentalist played in a band with amazing vocalist, Don Henley. But that did not stop him establishing himself as a singer to be reckoned with. His lead vocals on songs like Heartache Tonight, Tequila Sunrise and New Kid in Town among others will haunt fans forever more.

The Eagles were awarded six Grammys and five American Music Awards. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 four years after reuniting and almost fourteen years after the breakup.

In 1971 Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon toured with Linda Ronstadt as her backup band. Soon after the Eagles were formed.

During the 14 year breakup, Frey had a successful solo career which included The Heat is on from Beverley Hills Cop along with songs like The One You Love, Sexy Girl and Part of Me, Part of You from Thelma and Louise.

(Picture credit: “Glenn Frey” by Steve Alexander)

Alan RickmanAlan Rickman’s big movie break came when he played Hans Gruber in Die Hard. He followed this with many other great roles including an entertaining portrayal of the Sheriff of Nottingham in Prince of Thieves, and of course as Professor Snape in the eight Harry Porter movies.

Rickman kept his pancreatic cancer diagnosis to himself, close friends and family. He died on January 14 at the age of 69. His fans created a memorial at Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station.

Others we lost this past week

Yasutaro Koide (112) January 18. Japanese, Yasutaro was the world’s oldest man. He would have been 113 on March 13.

Clarence Reid (76) January 17. Reid, better known as Blowfly who died from liver cancer was a rap pioneer. For the time his lyrics were explicit and he influenced many of the hip-hop artist that were to follow.

Rene Angelil (73) and Daniel Dion (59) January 14 and 16. Rene was Celine Dion’s manager and later husband; Daniel was her brother. Both men were cancer victims.

Ken Judge (58) January 15. Ken Judge was a former Hawthorn Premiership player. He also played with Brisbane and coached both Hawthorn and the Eagles. Judge died of myeloma – a bone marrow cancer.

Dan Haggerty (74) January 15. Haggerty will always be remembered as the lead character in The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams.

Dan Haggerty

If one sychronised swimmer drowns, do the rest have to drown too?”