Donald Trump and Dee Snider Say We’re Not Gonna Take It

By Sam Stavros

They say that politics makes for strange bedfellows. This could be no more true than in the case of Twisted Sisters Dee Snider and Donald Trump, or maybe not. Trump has had his problems with over inflated ego maniacs in the music business telling him that he and his campaign can’t use certain songs for his campaign. Michael Stipe was especially outrages calling Trump names and using profanity to make his exceedingly ironic point, “Go blank yourselves, the lot of you-you sad, attention grabbing power-hungry little men… ” He went on to opine that Trump had a moronic charade of a campaign etc. etc. For a public performer that relied on media and attention grabbing in order to make a very very comfortable living it does seem very ironic to make the charge about someone else. And not to put too fine of a point on it, but isn’t Stipe doing some attention grabbing himself to so publicly call out a presidential candidate? Compare his rant with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, who also objected to the use of one of his songs by Trump, where Tyler’s representatives simply sent a few private letters to Trump requesting that he stopped, which he did.

So anyway on it goes, however that brings us to Twisted Sister. Dee Snider went out of his way to say that he did not agree with everything The Donald had to say in his campaign, but that he did like that Trump was stirring the pot a
bit and that was what the song “We’re Not Gonna Take It” is all about.

The two men, Trump and Snider, have worked together before on Celebrity Apprentice. Both made some money and amused a large segment of Americans who find the show entertaining. More to the point, the two working together made a lot of money for charity, in that specific case the March of Dimes. Snider said he personally liked Trump, knew him, and hung out with members of his family from time to time. As for Trump when he wanted to use the song he simply called Snider up and asked. So the two men don’t agree on everything  who does? That didn’t keep either of them from associating with each other to further larger goals than themselves. In light of that who comes out looking like the, how did Michael Stipe characterize Trump?  Oh yeah, as a little man. I don’t know exactly what kind of men Trump or Snider are, but they do seem the kind to see a bigger picture and give their time and energy to helping others. That is not a bad kind of man to be.


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