Uncontrolled Migration World Summit Ten global issues debated in Australia by world experts

Even the smallest of outcomes here could positively impact millions of refugee lives and enhance border security for Nation States across the globe.

The Uncontrolled Migration World Summit will be held on March 8- 9, 2016 and will explore the global implications of, and responses to, uncontrolled mi-gration throughout the world.  The Summit will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia, Australia.

Uncontrolled migration is one of the world’s top issues today and is predicted to exacerbate in 2016.  Quoting from the UN High Commissioner, “Europe is facing a refugee crisis by sea that reaches historic proportions.”

It is estimated that more than 1.5 million refugees flooded into Europe in 2015 with over 3,600 deaths attributed at sea. Uncontrolled Migration is a trillion dollar global issue, one that has dramatic humanitarian and border security impact. People smugglers and traffickers remain at the centre of the mass migration issue, forcing the crisis upon European, Asian and American countries.

The Summit will bring together renowned leaders from government, business, academia and industry to discuss the national and international border solutions, policy, strategies and humanitarian responses adopted to resolve this major global issue.

To be unveiled at the Summit will be a disruptive innovation in migration control policy.

The Summit will bring together the mental acumen of hundreds of universities to form the University Collaborative Circle for Migration Control Policy. This will be a first in Australia and the world.

“Rarely is the timing so right to be an influential player in one of the world’s complex humanitarian issues.  Be a partner. Be involved. Be there.”   Mark Ryan MBA WGCDR (Ret’d) Executive Director.

The Summit will cover a broad range of topics relevant to uncontrolled migration, including, but not limited to, the role of NGOs, overpopulation, resource depletion, climate change, war, famine and poor governance, the Rohingya of Myanmar, Australia’s political position, ASEAN, Regional Refugee Resettlement, the asylum seeker experience, offshore and onshore detention, legal obligations of shipping companies, organised crime and people trafficking.

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