Indoor gardening for health: Create your paradise on Earth

Indoor gardening for health makes perfect sense: The word for ‘paradise’ comes from the Persian word for a garden and has always meant the same thing in every culture. It represents paradise on earth and is our opportunity to own a little bit of heaven – here and now. It has a restorative significance as a healer when we understand that gardens provide us with a place of sanctuary and well-being.

Indoor gardening for health has the potential to provide a place of refuge from stress, “the health epidemic of the 21st century” according to The World Health Organization. Medical doctors suggest that stress resulting in illness is the causative factor underlying 70% of all visits to the family doctor. The ability of the garden to provide this place of healing and peace becomes crucial as more and more people succumb to this disease of ‘modern day life.’

It matters little whether an indoor garden is a few pots on a windowsill or a lush garden room. What does matter is that plants add a dimension to the home or workplace that changes the energy and adds life.

There is something about caring for plants and tending to them. Whether watering, re-potting or touching the leaves, it reconnects you to the to “life”. And when connected, it gives you an overwhelming sense of awe. As you plant the seed or see the cycle of nature, time stands still, and you will bask in the knowledge of your relationship to the earth and to the spiritual you.

Reasons for creating an indoor garden include:

  • corners in rooms and on furniture are softened when plants are introduced and placed in these areas;
  • living plants create feelings of calm and well-being;
  • starting seeds indoors provides a jump-start on spring;
  • growing herbs indoors facilitates our ability to cook with fresh herbs all year round;
  • teaching children to garden provides an opportunity for the healing aspects of gardening to become a life-long aspect of their lives;
  • and of course, indoor gardening for health – for you.

Indoor Gardening for health: What to consider:

1. Purpose – what do you want to achieve – healing, meditation, growing herbs for cooking, or a project with the children?

2. Space – how much space is available – a closet, basement room, living room, corner of the bedroom, windowsill?

3. Seating – is there room in your space for a seating area?

4. Characteristics – create a specific type of garden such as a collection of Ficus, orchids, herbs, or ferns.

5. Features – include water features such as fountains, art, sentimental objects, wind chimes, aroma and/or colour therapy, candles, and /or music.

6. Location – is the location conducive to gardening indoors?

7. Light – is the light adequate or will you need artificial lights?

8. Plants – what plants will you grow?

Indoor gardens can be anything from a tabletop garden, herb garden, healing garden, meditation garden, container garden, water garden, or wildlife garden.

Thomas Moore wrote, “We may have to learn again the mystery of the garden: how its external characteristics model the heart itself, and how the soul is a garden enclosed, our own perpetual paradise where we can be refreshed and restored.” In other words, the indoor garden can provide a place of sanctuary where you can take a moment and re-connect with our own sacredness.

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