The Local Quick Quiz #9

The Local Quick Quiz

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The Local Quick Quiz #9

1. What type of mining is Coober Pedy famous for?Opal


2. Who has the higher suicide rate in Australia: males or females?Males


3. Where were the cows in the nursery rhyme “Little Boy Blue”?In the corn


4. Which word is mis-spelt? Weird or neice.Niece


5. What company makes “Les Paul” guitars – Fender, Gibson or Yamaha?Gibson


6. What poet wrote “Auld Lang Syne”?Robert Burns


7. What is the name given to the original inhabitants of a country?Aborigines


8. What did Tom, the piper’s son steal?A pig


9. What is the Earth’s galaxy called?The Milky Way


10. Where did Burke and Wills fail to rejoin the rest of their party?Cooper’s Creek


If vampires have no reflection, how come they have such neat hair?”