Bushfire warning levels video in Auslan now available

​A video explaining the different bushfire warning levels in Auslan is now readily available via the Department of Fire and Emergency Services’ (DFES) YouTube channel and website​

Auslan is the sign language of the Australian Deaf community and DFES worked in close consultation with the WA Deaf Society to develop the video. It explains the four different bushfire warning levels of Advice, Watch and Act, Emergency and All Clear.

DFES Director of Media and Corporate Communications (MCC) Hannah Tagore said it is important that all members of the community understand what the different warning levels mean.

“DFES issues community alerts for bushfires that threaten lives and property. The alert levels change to reflect the increasing risk to life and the decreasing amount of time people have until a fire arrives,” Hannah said.

“By understanding the different levels people can assess their level of risk and danger, and decide what actions they need to take to make themselves safe.

“This video enables education and awareness amongst members of the WA Deaf community, so they have a clear understanding of what the alerts mean.”

Michaela Sloan of the WA Deaf Society worked with DFES to help produce the video.

“After the initial video footage was created of a DFES District Officer explaining the levels of bushfire warnings, DFES provided that to us to interpret into Auslan,” Michaela said.

“An interpreter was then filmed while communicating the explanations in Auslan and we matched up the two lots of vision, merging them together, and making sure they were in sync.

“It was a lengthy process but one that will be very beneficial for members of the Deaf community in helping them to understand the risks related to different bushfire warnings.”

Bushfire Warning Levels Video

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