Our Loss

Our Loss
Our Loss: William Schallert
William Schallert at the 1990 Academy Awards. Photo credit: Alan Light (CC BY-2.0)

William Schallert (93) 8 May. Schallert was a character actor who appeared in many films and TV shows. Like most character actors, audiences remember the production, the face, but rarely the name. His credits on TV includes Perry Mason; The Smurfs; J Philip Marlowe; The Rat Patrol; Gunsmoke; Star Trek; The Patty Duke Show; 87th Precinct; The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis; The Waltons; Hawaii Five-O, Quincy, M.E.; The Partridge Family; Bonanza; Wanted: Dead or Alive; Leave It to Beaver; The Dick Van Dyke Show; Love, American Style; Get Smart; Lawman; Combat!; True Blood; and many others. His film credits are just as impressive.

Our Loss: Prince
Prince performing at Coachella 2008. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Prince (57) 21 April. The multi-talented, Prince Rogers Nelson, was one of the most influential artist of the Rock and Roll era. His debut album, For You was released in 1978 and according to the album notes, Prince wrote, produced, arranged, composed, and played all 27 instruments on the recording, except for the song Soft and Wet, whose lyrics were co-written by Chris Moon.

Doris Roberts (90) 17 April. Although her career stretches back to 1951, Roberts will always be remembered as Raymond’s mother, Marie Barone, in Everybody Loves Raymond. She was a recipient of four Emmys while playing this role. She also received an Emmy for playing Cora in St Elsewhere. Roberts died in her slrrp from a stroke.
Kit West (79) 16 April. West was an Academy Award winning special effects artist. His work included Raiders of the Lost Ark, Enemy at the Gates and Dragonheart.
Merle Haggard (79) 6 April. Hag was a multi-award winning country music singer, songwriter and musician. Although he had a number of hits, he will always be remebered for his Country number one, Okie from Muskogee. He died on his birthday.
Our Loss: Ronnie Corbett
Ronnie Corbett in 2010
Photo credit: William Melotti
Our Loss: Patty Duke
Patty Duke from the television program The Patty Duke Show.
Ronnie Corbett (85) 31 March. Best known for his long time partnership with Ronnie Barker, Corbertt was a comedian, actor, writer and broadcaster. The TV comedy show, The Two Ronnies ran for 16 years.
Patty Duke (69) 29 March. Although an Oscar winner for her role as Helen Keller, Patty Duke, is probably best remembered as Patty Lane and her identical twin, Cathy Lane in the Patty Duke Show. Duke also played Neely O’Hara in Valley of the Dolls. She died from sepsis from a ruptured intestine.
Howard Berk (91) 27 March. Howard Berk was the producer of great TV shows like, Columbo, The Rockford Files and Mission: Impossible.

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