WOWOW Bus – on the Move

World of Work on Wheels (WOWOW) Mobile Careers Expo

Imagine being able to hop on a bus and find out what the future of work will look like. We did! So we created the first mobile World of Work on WOWOW Bus - Ready Set GoWheels, the WOWOW Bus. Victoria’s first touring bus to take Next Steps a Virtual Careers Expo to rural and remote government school students to help them engage in career conversations that will build their career aspirations.

Affectionately named the WOWOW Bus, the Career Education Association of Victoria (CEAV) is pleased to launch this exciting new initiative. The WOWOW Bus mobile Careers Education program is part of the Ready, Set, Go! work readiness program, a suite of pilot career development activities funded by the Department of Education and Training and developed by the CEAV to support the work readiness of students in Years 7 to 10 in rural and remote Victorian government schools.

Wowow BusPresident of the CEAV, Mr Frank Thompson, said, “Now more than ever young people are faced with a myriad of course and career choices. Career education and skill development is pivotal to their success and the success of the future workforce. The CEAV is committed to raising awareness about the rapid changing nature of work, the global forces shaping the next generation of jobs and industries that will dominate our economy in the years and decades to come, and to assist young people with their career development. The mobile world of work on wheels will bring career information directly to students that may have limited access to this information to help them make informed career and course choices”

The WOWOW Bus leaves Melbourne on May 2 at 9.30 am from 33 St Andrews Place East Melbourne and will conduct six tours across Victoria. Its first stop is Mount Beauty Secondary College.

The bus parks for one day at 20 different schools and holds career education classes every 30 minutes. It is expected to travel over 4,000 kilometres and reach over 10,000 rural and remote students in six weeks. So what’s on the bus? A dynamic suite of career education activities including the Next Steps Virtual Expo an online careers expo solution developed by Global Education Solutions, 3D Samsung glasses experience where students will have a go at the new 3D visual experience showcasing Victoria’s six growth industries and of course they will be able to interact with a humanoid Robot – NAO provided by The Brainary who will explain how he is being used in modern industries, the interactive bus tracker that allows all students in Victorian government schools to follow the bus while it tours. Education is more important than ever.

Skills, knowledge, creativity and adaptability will be central in the economy of the future. The Mobile World of Work on Wheels is a first for Victoria and Australia, and the CEAV congratulates the Victorian Department of Education and Training for its vision in sponsoring this exciting and innovative pilot program.

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The Career Education Association of Victoria is a not for profit charity that provides career education services and programs to schools, tertiary education providers, indutrsy, employers and the general community. Our purpose is the advancement of education particulary in relation to career education. The CEAV provides consulting services to goverenment and careers counselling to young people and adults from disadvanaged backgrounds. CEAV has a 40 year history of supporting schools and careers advisors with their career education programs. We developed the first Careers Currcilum Framework for Victoria and support 650 members across the state. The CEAV is a divison of The Australian Centre for Career Education.

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