Stronger Communities Programme for the Hawks

Adelaide Hills Hawks Soccer Club will upgrade the lighting at the ‘Hawks Nest’ soccer pitch thanks to a $7,500 grant through the Australian Government’s Stronger Communities Programme.

Stronger Communities ProgrammeThe club is planning to install lighting at the soccer pitch in Woodside, to allow the club to train, play and host other teams in the evenings. The new lighting will also improve visibility on the pitch in poor conditions, particularly in winter.

There are currently few pitches with lighting suitable for training in the area, with parents often travelling long distances to an oval which doubles as a caravan park, meaning winter trainings are often not possible.

It is certain that the entire Adelaide Hills soccer community will benefit from this project, with teams and clubs from the region expected to use the new facilities.

I am proud to be supporting this local club, which is such a positive contributor to the local community.

The Stronger Communities Programme aims to improve local community participation, cohesion and contribute to vibrant and viable communities. In the electorate of Mayo, the funding is targeted to upgrade local sporting facilities to maximise the benefits that sport provides in local communities.

I strongly believe in the benefits to the entire community of everyone getting involved with their local sporting clubs and groups.

The Australian Government introduced the Stronger Communities Programme in the 2015 Budget to fund small capital projects in local communities in each Federal Electorate. Funding of $150,000 per electorate per year is allocated for two years commencing 2015/16, totalling $45 million nationwide. In Mayo, local sporting clubs were given the opportunity to apply for a grant of at least $5,000 and up to a maximum of $10,000.

More information abou the Stronger Communities Programme is available on the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development’s website.

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