Finding Amy by Joseph K. Loughlin

Finding Amy – A True Story of Murder in Maine

Finding Amy by Joseph K. LoughlinPit stop No. 1 is Portland, Maine’s Old Port, where the convivial nightlife also serves as a killer’s hunting ground. Old Port is one of the last places 25-year-old Amy Laurent was seen alive. One evening in October 2001, she danced, she ate pizza, and then she left a club with two men and was never heard from again. Months later, she was found buried in the woods off Route 22 in Scarborough, beaten, assaulted, and shot to death. Then-Lieutenant Joseph Loughlin and former Assistant Attorney General Kate Flora deliver the facts in Finding Amy, as well as offer insight into the murder case that rocked the Pine Tree State.

Finding Amy Reviews

This one is a triumph and a joy — no showy-made for TV-ness — just the reality of the way crimes and those who do them should be taken to account. This one is the real thing.–Courier Gazette, Rockland, Maine


The tale is brimming with insights about police procedure, jurisdictional disputes, and politics. Over and over again, real life trumps fiction. For instance, after a five-hour standoff, the suspect surrenders one of his guns for a soda, the other for a cigarette. Put that in a novel and no one would believe it . . . The reader is never allowed to lose sight of the humanity of the victim, a young girl who accepted a ride from the wrong guy, then had the temerity to say no and mean it.–Boston Globe


Few true crime books get behind the scenes and explain how homicide detectives do their jobs the way Finding Amy does.–Bangor Daily News


This is one of the best true crime stories to be published in recent years…This book should reaffirm the public’s faith in the police, prosecutors, and Maine’s judicial system.–Brunswick Times Record


Loughlin’s recorded entries about the case — his thoughts, emotions and reactions to the investigation — amplify Flora’s straightforward but potent narrative as detectives search for the grave, find it (about halfway through the book) and build a case against a leading suspect. This is a feast for proceduralists, giving countless small details of the work-a-day slogging involved, an effort that leads the department to make good on the mystery, catching Amy’s murderer, and making the case stick.–Publishers Weekly


Readers of true crime will find this chronological tale of the search for Amy and her killer especially compelling because of the personal account of Loughlin, who was lieutenant of the Criminal Investigation Department when Amy disappeared. Loughlin’s journal, woven into Flora’s painstaking recreation of the work of the detectives, highlights the intense discussions that took place among the key players and gives readers a look at the slow, steady progress of real detectives on a real case. There are no ‘CSI solutions’ that wrap up the case in a conveniently short time. There are no magic findings of DNA. What takes place in this true story is the passionate belief that they will find Amy, bring her killer to justice, and give closure to her family and to the people of Maine. –Foreword


What readers had to say about Finding Amy


Fiction should be this good!


I found the book impossible to put down and will never forget the compelling story it tells.


This is arguably the best non-fiction crime novel ever written. Fast paced and gripping.


Not only a GREAT read, but a fantastic and unique account of a true crime from the perspective of a seasoned detective. You won’t be able to put this book down. Truly original.


If you throw a kitten out of a moving car, would it be considered kitty litter?”