The Local Quick Quiz #14

The Local Quick Quiz

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The Local Quick Quiz #14

1. Which famous American primitive artist did not begin painting until in her late seventies?“Grandma” Moses


2. What colours make up the five Olympic rings?Black, blue, red, green and yellow


3. What part of the body are red blood cells made in?The bone marrow


4. Who was the Dutch mariner who discovered New Zealand?Abel Tasman


5. Which fictitious Australian character, drawn peeping over walls, is similar to an American character called “Kilroy”?Foo


6. Who compiled the first American dictionary?Noah Webster


7. What is the main ingredient of Anzac biscuits?Oatmeal


8. Which Australian banknote was the last to feature a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II?$1 note


9. What is the capital city of the state of California?Sacramento


10. Where is Wembley Stadium?London



Why are cigarettes sold in gas stations when smoking is prohibited there?”