The Local Quick Quiz #15

The Local Quick Quiz

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The Local Quick Quiz #15

1. How many twins are there in the “Thompson Twins”?None


2. What year was the first Holden manufactured? a)1942 b)1948 or c)1952b)1948


3. What is the capital of Jordan?Amman


4. What is the “seeing” part of the eye called?Cornea


5. Name the old-time western star who rode with Hoot Givson on a horse named Tarzan.Ken Maynard


6. What is the capital of Sri Lanka?Colombo


7. What were the first golf balls made of?Small leather pouches filled with feathers.


8. Which race of people throw beans around their home on February 3 of each year, as a sign of good luck?The Japanese


9. Who invented the bifocal lens?Benjamin Franklin


10. Which senior post was held by Sir Paul Hasluck, born in Fremantle, Western Australia in 1905?He was appointed Governor-General in 1969.



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