The Local Quick Quiz #17

The Local Quick Quiz #17

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The Local Quick Quiz #17

1. To which two glamorous film stars was actor Lex Barker married?Arlene Dahl and Lana Turner


2. Which British king was a famous stamp colllector?George V


3. Was New Zealand ever a dependant of Australia?Yes


4. In which year was colour television officially introduced to Australia?1975


5. How high should the centre of a tennis net be?Three feet or ninety one centimetres


6. What two horse races make up the Melbourne spring double?The Caulfield Cup and the Melbourne Cup


7. What were the longest odds ever offered on a Melbourne Cup runner – 50-1, 500-1, 5000-1?5000-1


8. Who was leader of the Eureka Stockade rebellion?Peter Lalor


9. Who was the emperor of Rome when Christ was born?Augustus


10. What ocean surrounds the Madeira Islands?The Atlantic



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