The Local Quick Quiz #18

The Local Quick Quiz #18

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The Local Quick Quiz #18

1. Where do you get a lei to show that you are welcome?Hawaii


2. From which American state was “Dorothy”, before she was transported to Oz?Kansas


3. Which wood is black and hard?Ebony


4. What powerful song did Midnight Oil hit with in 1983?“Power and the Passion”


5. What sort of court has a service box, T, tin and cut line?Squash court


6. Who was Dagwood Bumstead’s boss?Julius Dithers


7. What colour is displayed on the starboard side of a boat?Green


8. What kind of writer was Charles Lamb or William Hazlitt? Poet or essayist.Essayist


9. Where, in Western Australia, can you find the longest marked track set aside for bushwalkers?From Perth to Albany. (640km)


10. Who created Peter Rabbit?Beatrix Potter



How much sin can I get away with and still go to heaven?”