Poké bus tour around Adelaide city

The latest Pokémon craze in Adelaide gets its very own exclusive Poké bus tour around the city to make catching the latest Pokémon a fun, safe and social activity.

Poké busThe newly released Pokémon Go mobile game has been taking over news headlines since the day it was released. People have been getting out of the house and walking around looking for Pokémon, parents have something to bond over with their kids, siblings with large age gaps have Pokémon Go in common, kids with autism have been socialising over the game and people with agrophobia are going out into big open spaces in search of Pikachu!

However, people are also walking into poles, onto roads, getting mugged, causing car accidents, getting fined for driving and Pokémoning, getting pelted with water bombs and finding dead bodies.

Adelaide based professional commercial photographer, Ben Liew has been playing the game since it was released in Australia and quickly noticed other people’s strange driving behaviour on the road.

“People were pulling over, stopping for a few minutes, then driving off again. Perhaps they were catching the same Pokémon he had pulled over to catch! He also noticed a lot of road users looking at their phones as they were driving too and so he thought that a bus tour might solve a lot of issues,” explains Ben.

Poké busThe inaugural Poké Bus tour will start on Thursday 21st July at 10am and participants are asked to meet at the corner of South Terrace and King William Road where there is easy access to parking and public transport. There are four 2 hour tours available from 10am, 12pm, 2:30pm and 4:30pm.

The bus is driven by an experienced and licensed bus operator and is also equipped with USB charging ports so you won’t ever run out of power and miss out on catching your next Pokémon. Wi-fi is also available to hire for the duration of the tour for an extra $7 per device. Light refreshments are available and included in the cost of the ticket. No BYO food or drinks.

Ben aims to run more Poké Bus events based on the success of this first tour and he plans on having specific team colour based Poké Gym tours to dominate as many Poké Gym’s as possible.

This event is meant for people of all ages who want a good social interaction with other like-minded people who want to sit back in warmth, safety and comfort and want to pick-up some tips to improve their skills.

Tickets can be bought for $25 for a 2 hour tour around the city of Adelaide with family and group booking tickets at $20. Seats are limited per tour so get in fast to catch a Pokémon!

Full details of the tour can be viewed at Poké Bus website and follow the links to purchase your tickets online.



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