The Local Quick Quiz #20

The Local Quick Quiz #20

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The Local Quick Quiz #20

1. Who co-starred with Burt Reynolds in “City Heat”?Clint Eastwood


2. How many female tennis stars did Bobby Riggs play?Two (Billie Jean King & Margaret Court)


3. What is another name for the banana spider?Tarantula


4. What was the highest one innings score in Sheffield Shield Cricket: 517, 817 or 1107?1107 (by New South Wales against Victoria)


5. What is `paella’ in the language of food?A rice dish


6. What is the point value of the outer bullseye on a dart board?Twenty five


7. Who was the fairy in “Peter Pan”?Tinker Bell


8. Which batsman hit 162, 116 and 112 in successive Tests for England against Australia in 1986?Chris Broad


9. Which football club has been the longest survivor in the English top tier?Arsenal


10. What did chef Bert Sachse invent in Perth in 1935?The pavlova



Why does fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?”