The Local Quick Quiz #24

The Local Quick Quiz #21

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The Local Quick Quiz #24

1. Which Australian Prime Minister did Ainslie Gotto work for?John Gorton


2. What Everly Brothers song was banned in Boston?Wake Up, Little Susie


3. What is the leading female singer in an opera called?The prima donna


4. What is the birthstone for December?Turquoise, Zicon


5. What city does Batman and Robin patrol?Gotham City


6. Who hosted the 1968 Summer Olympics?Mexico


7. What would be inflamed if you suffered from osteitis?Your bones


8. What Australian group had its first two worldwide hits written by Tom Springfield?The Seekers


9. What was Ken Rosewall’s nickname?Muscles


10. What’s the principal language of Trinidad and Tobago?English




Is there another word for synonym?”