Our Loss – July and August 2016

Our Lost over the last couple of months were actors, sports people, politicians and activists including names like Garry Marshall, Dalian Atkinson, Bud Spencer and S R Nathan.

Our Loss - July and August 2016
Gene Wilder

29 August Gene Wilder (83) Wilder will probably best remembered as the main character in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory but his work with Richard Pryor and Mel Brooks wouldn’t be far behind. He was the “Waco Kid” in Blazing Saddles; deaf Dave Lyons in See No Evil, Hear No Evil; and Skip Donahue in Stir Crazy. The latter two also starred Pryor. Gene Wilder died from complications of Alzheimer’s disease.

22 August S. R. Nathan (92) Sellapan Ramanathan was Singapore’s sixth and longest serving president. As Director of the Security and Intelligence Division in 1974, Ramanathan led a party of thirteen volunteers as “guarantors” in exchange for civilian hostages when four terrorists attacked an oil refinery and later hijacked a ferry. S R Nathan suffered a stroke at the end of July and ultimately died while in hospital.

19 August Bob Skelton (82) Bob Skelton was a New Zealand jockey. His legendary career included 2,129 winners and nine Riders Premierships. Skelton won 5 Wellington Cups, 3 New Zealand Cups, 2 Auckland Cups, 2 Perth Cups and the 1976 Melbourne Cup on Van der Hum. Bob Skelton died from bowel cancer.

15 August Dalian Atkinson (48) Footballer, Dalian Atkinson is probably best remembered for his time with Aston Villa and the strike partnership with Dean Saunders. In the first season of the English Premier League (1992-93), Atkinson helped Villa secure second spot behind Manchester United and along the way scored the goal of the season. Atkinson died on 15 August 2016 after being tasered by police near his father’s house in Telford.

13 August Kenny Baker (81) Kenny Baker was best known for his portrayal of R2-D2 in the Star Wars franchise. He was the R2-D2 consultant in The Force Awakens. Baker also featured in many other movies including Flash Gordon, The Elephant Man, Time Bandits, Amadeus and Labyrinth.

Our Loss - July and August Our Loss - July and August

Kenny Baker (CC BY-SA 2.0) and R2D2  (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Our Loss - July and August
Father Edward Daly, waving a blood-stained white handkerchief as he escorts a mortally-wounded protester to safety during the events of Bloody Sunday (1972) in Derry, Northern Ireland.Photo by BBC journalist John Bierman.

8 August Edward Daly (82) Edward Daly was an Irish Roman Catholic priest who took part in many of the marches and events during the unrests in Northern Ireland. Daly is best remembered in the iconic photograph from “Bloody Sunday”. He is seen waving a blood stained handkerchief as he escorts a group carrying a mortally wounded man after British troops opened fire on demonstrators on 30 January 1972.


29 July Ken Barrie (83) Ken Barrie, was a British voice actor and singer best known for narrating, and singing the theme tune of, the BBC television programme Postman Pat. Barrie died after a short battle with liver cancer.

29 July Vivean Gray (92) Best known for her roles as Nell Mangel in Neighbours, and Ida Jessup in The Sullivans. Vivean Gray was the winner of two Logie Awards.

Daphne Hilton. Photo credit: Australian Paralympic Committee (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Daphne Hilton. Photo credit: Australian Paralympic Committee (CC BY-SA 3.0)

25 July Daphne Hilton (82) Daphne Hilton (nee Ceeney) was the first Australian woman to compete at the Paralympic Games. She was an “all-rounder” competing in archery, athletics, fencing, swimming, and table tennis. She won fourteen medals including three gold.

**PIC: Daphne Hilton. Photo credit: Australian Paralympic Committee (CC BY-SA 3.0)

19 July Garry Marshall (81) Although Garry Marshall has his share of acting credits, he will best always be remembered from the movies and TV shows he directed, wrote or produced. These includes “Beaches”, “Pretty Woman”, “The Princess Diaries”, “The Dick Van Dyke Show”, “The Lucy Show”, “Gomer Pyle”, “Love American Style”, “The Odd Couple”, “Happy Days”, “Laverne and Shirley”, and “Mork and Mindy”.

Our Loss - July August
Bud Spencer, Terence Hill

9 July Norman Abbot (93) Norman Abbot was a TV director. Even if most didn’t know his name they would know his work which included: “Get Smart”, “The Brady Bunch”, “I Love Lucy Show”, “The Jack Benny Show”, “Leave It To Beaver”,  “Father Knows Best”, “Bachelor Father”, “McHale’s Navy”, “Adam 12”, “The Munsters”, “Sanford & Sons”, “Love American Style” and “The Bob Hope Show.”

2 July Michael Cimino (77) Cimino was an American film director, screenwriter, producer and author. He was best known for directing, producing and co-writing the 1978 Academy Award-winning film “The Deer Hunter”.

27 June Bud Spencer (86) Born Carlo, Bud Spencer is best remembered for the many action/comedy movies he made with Terrence Hill but he was also an Olympic swimmer in Helsinki in 1952, Melbourne in 1956 and Rome in 1960. Spencer was the first Italian to swim the 100 m freestyle in less than one minute. His movies included the They Call Me Trinity and Trinity Is Still My Name.


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