NBN now rolling out in Jurien

Member for Durack Melissa Price said 1,700 premises in Jurien Bay will soon have access to faster and more reliable internet access, with construction of the National Broadband Network now underway.

nbn for Jurien“The message for Jurien Bay residents is clear – superfast broadband is on its way,” Ms Price said.

“The nbn will open up a range of new opportunities for businesses, allow students to learn and engage with classmates in virtual classrooms, and make it easier for residents in Jurien to stay in touch with family and friends online.”

Final network designs for Jurien are now complete, meaning that over coming weeks local residents will see nbn subcontractors connecting the area with new high-speed broadband technology.

“High-speed broadband is the essential infrastructure of the twenty-first century, and the nbn will provide the platform to deliver a range of economic and social benefits to residents in Jurien, Ms Price said.

“Businesses in Jurien will be more productive as the nbn enables access to new online services like cloud-based accounting software. Students will be able to participate in immersive learning experiences, from their classroom or at home. And mums and dads will be able to take care of everyday tasks like accessing government services or paying bills quickly and easily online.”

The Turnbull Coalition Government is rolling out high-speed broadband across Australia in the fastest and most affordable way, with every home and business in Australia to be able to connect to the nbn by 2020.

The nbn was a failing government infrastructure project in 2013 which led to contractors downing tools across four states. Today, the nbn is being rolled out on time and on budget.

“More than 70,000 homes and businesses across Australia are signing up to the nbn every single month, and there are already over 12,000 premises in electorate experiencing the benefits of the nbn,” Ms Price said.

As nbn construction is completed over coming months in Jurien, residents and businesses will be able to sign up to an nbn plan with their chosen retail service provider, and will be supplied with a new modem to enable high-speed broadband. A range of plans with various download quotas and speed tiers are available to suit consumer and business needs.

More information on how to connect to the nbn is available at nbnco.com.au


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