UK’s Channel 4’s insistence on inclusion continues

The Paralympic Games is upon us and there’s more than sport to look forward to. UK’s Channel 4 themselves have been “superhuman” with their inclusion attitude, promotion and broadcast of the Games, but it doesn’t stop there.

As we’ve seen in their Paralympic promo (“We’re the Superhumans”), Channel 4 did not focus on just the sport but rather inclusion. Now they’ve really put their money where their mouth is by running a competition called “Superhumans Wanted”. They were offering £1 million (AU$1.75 million) in ads to the best campaign featuring disability and disability talent.

Confectioners Mars won with their “Look on the Light Side” Maltesers campaign and will be advertising throughout the Games.

The Maltesers inclusion ads are typical of the style they’ve used successfully for so long, not much has changed. The brand of humour we’ve been used to is still there, but we, as the viewers, now get to see what normal really looks like.

Thanks to YouTube we have the opportunity to share a couple of the Maltesers inclusion commercials. We have “The Boyfriend”, “The Dance Floor” and “Theo’s Dog” which will later be shown as a version without the subtitles. Enjoy. And after that, tune into the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games for more “normal”.

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