The Local Quick Quiz #27

The Local Quick Quiz #21

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The Local Quick Quiz #27

1. In a song, what country boy, according to Chuck Berry, lived in an old cabin made of earth and wood?Johnny B. Goode


2. What is traditionally the gift for a first wedding anniversary?Paper or plastics


3. What do Stephen Crane’s Badge and Jim Kjelgaard’s Irish Setter have in common?They were both red


4. What is the capital city of Greece?Athens


5. Which was the first state to introduce compulsory 6 o’clock closing times for hotels?South Australia


6. What does the Greek word “polis” mean, as in Minneapolis?City


7. What is a capon?A castrated rooster


8. What rock ‘n’ roller was dubbed “The Memphis Mauler”?Jerry Lee Lewis


9. Who is Siddhartha Gautama better known as?Buddha


10. What kind of animal is a monitor?A lizard




If buttered bread always lands on the butter-side down and a cat always lands on its feet, what happens if you strap buttered bread to a cat's back?”