A million dollar fish is up for grabs

This year a million dollar fish is up for grabs, plus another 100 barramundi worth $10,000, as well as sponsor prizes worth $96,000.

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July 1996 – 20 years ago

July 1996 – TWA Flight 800 explodes; Euthanasia legalised; Dolly the sheep; Atlanta Olympics and Centennial Park Bombing; Ivan Milat; and more

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Police Media: inc. stolen jewellery in Orange

Police Media: Historical sexual assault, Parramatta; Three Ways hit and run; 1984 murder of Peter Collins; Currie fatality; Stolen Jewellery found, Orange.

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Northern Territory Easter fun

The four-day Easter holiday sees the perfect opportunity for the people of the Northern Territory and tourists to experience the beautiful Savannah region.

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Is it weird in here, or is it just me?”
Steven Wright